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Greater Than a Tourist

Welcome to Czyk Publishing! We are your one-stop shop for the best in travel guide books. Our series, Greater Than a Tourist, provides travelers with an insiders perspective on the cities theyre visiting. With over 100 books in the series, youll be sure to find the perfect guide to plan your next trip. Each book in the Greater Than a Tourist series is written by a local expert who knows the ins and outs of their city. With exclusive tips and insights, youll gain a better understanding of the culture and attractions in each destination. Youll also get the opportunity to connect with locals and learn about their unique experiences. At Czyk Publishing, we understand that travelers have different needs. Thats why we have books for all types of travelers, from the budget-conscious to the luxury seeker. Our books are packed with useful information, from the best places to eat and the most affordable accommodations to the must-see attractions and hidden gems. Whether youre looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, our Greater Than a Tourist books are your perfect travel companions. Start exploring the world today with Czyk Publishing!

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Our Story 

Traveling is a passion of the Greater Than a Tourist series creator. She studied abroad in college, and for their honeymoon Lisa and her husband toured Europe. During her travels to Malta, an older man tried to give her some advice based on his own experience living on the island since he was a young boy. She thought he was just trying to sell her something. When traveling to some places she was wary to talk to locals because she was afraid that they weren't being genuine. She created this book series to give you as a tourist an inside view on the place you are exploring and the ability to learn what locals would like to tell tourists. A topic that they are very passionate about. Greater Than a Tourist- 50 Travel Tips from a Local

The Greater Than a Tourist book series can be found on Amazon. There you can find Greater Than a Tourist Book Reviews. Greater than a Tourist books are available in over 450 destinations. Travel writing is a gem, and connecting people to new places builds a fabric of belonging for everyone, whether it is the mechanic down the road, the coffee shop owner and part-time philosopher, or the guy at the pub who knows everyone and everything about the town.

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Reviews from Readers

Listed are Greater Than a Tourist reviews that can be found on Amazon.com.

 I think the series is wonderful and beneficial for tourists to get information before visiting the city.

-Seckin Zumbul, Izmir Turkey

 I am a world traveler who has read many trip guides but this one really made a difference for me. I would call it a heartfelt creation of a local guide expert instead of just a guide.

-Susy, Isla Holbox, Mexico

 New to an area like me, this is a must-have!

-Joe, Bloomington, USA

 This is a good series that gets down to it when looking for things to do at your destination without having to read a novel for just a few ideas.

-Rachel, Monterey, USA

Good information to have to plan my trip to this destination.

-Pennie Farrell, Mexico

 Great ideas for a port day.

-Mary Martin USA

 Aptly titled, you won’t just be a tourist after reading this book. You’ll be greater than a tourist!

-Alan Warner, Grand Rapids, USA

 Even though I only have three days to spend in San Miguel in an upcoming visit, I will use the author’s suggestions to guide some of my time there. An easy read – with chapters named to guide me in directions I want to go.

-Robert Catapano, USA

 Great insights from a local perspective! Useful information and a very good value!

-Sarah, USA

 This series provides an in-depth experience through the eyes of a local. Reading these series will help you to travel the city in with confidence and it’ll make your journey a unique one.

-Andrew Teoh, Ipoh, Malaysia

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Find Greater Than a Tourist Books on Amazon.