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Unlock the Keys to Self-Love: Get 50 Things to Know About Redesigning Your Relationship With Yourself Now on Audible

 Today, CZYK Publishing LLC is proud to announce the release of a new audiobook that is now available on Amazon and Audible. 50 Things to Know About Self-Love: Redesigning Your Relationship with Yourself written by Victoria Heath and narrated by Marla Briggs.

In this audiobook, Victoria Heath takes the listener through 50 self-love lessons that enable one to gain life-long self-love and acceptance. She helps listeners to break the cycle of self-criticism and instead create a healthy relationship with one's self. The audiobook is divided into eight sections, each of which focuses on one aspect of self-love. Letting go of guilt, understanding the power of affirmations, and learning to accept yourself and your mistakes are just a few of the topics that are covered in this audiobook. The audiobook is available on Amazon and Audible and can be streamed or downloaded. Listeners can also purchase a physical copy of the book. CZYK Publishing LLC is a small independent publisher that specializes in books and audiobooks that bring about personal growth and transformation. They are passionate about creating products that help people reach their highest potential. For more information about 50 Things to Know About Self-Love: Redesigning Your Relationship with Yourself, please visit Amazon.