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A Weekend Trip from Central Pennsylvania to Cedar Point


At the end of May this year we decided to take a weekend trip to Cedar Point from central PA.  We had a great time, and I wanted to share some tips in case you wanted to plan a similar trip.  

The trip started by leaving Mill Hall, going to the Cleveland Zoo, then getting to Cedar Point to stay in one of their cabins onsite.  The cabin included passes for the next day in the park.  Then we started driving home and stayed in  Holiday Inn, then the next day stopped at a waterfall. A two-night trip with many stops and fun! 

Day 1: Mill Hall PA to Cleveland Zoo - 4 Hours in the car

We had a great time at the zoo.  My daughter loves wolves so we had to go all the way in the back to see them.  We definitely had fun spending a few hours here.  It was a hot day but they had an inside rainforest area which was nice. 

Day 1 Night: Off to Cedar Point - 1 More hour in the car

My husband knew to plan the zoo that day because we could not check in until 4 pm.  He knows I love to leave on a vacation day instead of waiting around.  The last hour went so fast as we were excited to be there. The view coming onto the peninsula was memorable, unlike any view I have seen before. 

We got there on a Thursday and the park was not open that day.  So the campground was empty.  We had the pool to ourselves which was great!  We walked around and checked out hotel breakers too and put our feet in the sand. 

Day 2: Cedar Point

We went over to hotel breakers and enjoyed some Starbucks on the beach. We then got up as soon as the park opened and enjoyed the park.  We got to go in an hour early since we stayed on site. 

There was much more to do there than just coasters.  My daughters are 6 and 9.  We all had a great time. 

Day 2: Night- Richfield Ohio - 

We then spend the night at Richfield Ohio, about an hour from the park.  They had a Mexican place next store we ate dinner at.  We choose this place because of the price, but I would not recommend this Hampton Inn due to deteriorating bathrooms and their pool was closed for reservations. 

Day 3: Falls and Trip Home - 5-hour drive

To break up the drive home we stopped by some beautiful falls called Brandywine falls 

Brandywine Falls - Cuyahoga Valley National Park 

They were beautiful and just a short walk from the car. The walk was under a tree canopy too. 

Hopefully, you can find a similar trip to fit your budget.  We mostly had fast food but did bring some snacks. I recommend staying at Cedar Point before schools are not of session in May.  The crowds were much smaller and the cost of the cabin was much less expensive. 

I paid for this trip all on my own and opinions are my own.