14 Ways Authors Can Promote Their Books

I have been publishing books for 10-years now. Ever since my, I had my first daughter and I wrote a blog post called 50 Things to Know Before Having a baby that then became my first book. Below are the things that I have used in the past to help promote books. The largest tip I have it o make your books into a series. Please share in the comment how you promote your books.

1. Amazon Author Pages

When it is available you can create an Amazon Author page, create your own social media posts, and even your own book release party if you like. https://authorcentral.amazon.com  Here is an example of my page: https://www.amazon.com/Lisa-Rusczyk/e/B007MROM4Y 

You can create Author pages on other Amazon sites too: 

2. Create a Goodreads Page


My example: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5765242.Lisa_M_Rusczyk

3. Create a Bookbub Page

You can also make a BookBub page: https://www.bookbub.com

Find your book on Google after it is published. You can give your book 5 stars or ask friends or family. 

4. Amazon Associates Links

One way to earn extra income from your book is to create an Amazon Associates account and link to your book with the links you create. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com Associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It's free to join and easy to use.

5. Bookshop Affiliate

Another way to earn revenue from your book sales is by becoming a bookshop.org affiliate. https://bookshop.org/

5. Amazon Free Days

To promote your book I can sign your ebook up for 5 free days every 3 months on Amazon. I may occasionally do this to increase ranking, promote the paperback and possible audiobook editions. This will need to be done by the book publisher.

6. Create a Promotional Video

You can add this video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or imbed the video into a blog post like below. 

7. Make an Author Facebook Page 

Make a Group on Facebook to Share Your Skills With Others.

Facebook for Small Business and Others: http://skl.sh/2n1d2NG 

My Page as an Example: Lisa Rusczyk Author https://www.facebook.com/LisaRusczykAuthor/

8. Make a Group

This is the CZYK PUblishing secret group.  A great place to work together with others towards a goal online.  Create a Community Class: http://skl.sh/2n1ajqT 

CZYk Publishing Secret Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1820897751493495/

9. Make a Blog

This is a great place to put your work and share it with others. 

Class on Creating a Blog: http://skl.sh/2nYivch 

10. Sign Up For Amazon Associates- May only be available in certain countries

Make money when anyone clicks on your blog links and goes to Amazon. You will be able to create links, including your book link, that allow people to click on them to go to Amazon.  You can earn 6-8% of these purchases on Amazon.  

*This IS NOT a royalty for your book.  This is a way for you to use Amazon Associates to make additional income on your own. 

Class: http://skl.sh/2mBxhFC

11. Start a Twitter Account

Class: http://skl.sh/2o1TltN 

12. Start a Pinterest Account

Class: http://skl.sh/2mreiwX

13. Make a Press Release

 Press release template.  Please save as or copy and paste.  Make sure you change everything that needs to be changed.  I can look at it for you if you like.


14. Create a Book Launch

Here is a past book launch that may help you get started.  Lisa would love to be invited but not create it.  Also we can schedule a free book day during your launch (ebook). 


Learn more from Lisa's Skillshare Classes

 Again, thank you for your hard work and hopefully, we can work together again in the future.  If you would like to take any of my skillshare classes, please let me know and I can send you a link: https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/lisarusczyk