50 Travel Tips - Melbourne Victoria Australia

“Traveling is abrutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all thatfamiliar comforts of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothingis yours except the essential things. -air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky.-all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese

Welcome toMelbourne! Or, if you haven’t yet set off, you are bound for a uniqueexperience. Melbourne is located on the southern tip of mainland Australia andprovides a diverse experience of the Australian landscape. With a population ofapproximately 5 million, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Westernworld. It is known primarily for its exceptional coffee, beautiful scenery andgraffitied laneways. The city itself is an exciting maze of coffee shops, colonialbuildings and quirky terraces. To the north, the Yarra Valley providesseemingly endless, wide open vistas of rolling hills, vineyards andplantations. To the south, you will find the famous coloured bathhouses ofBrighton Beach, the cultural melting pot of St Kilda, and further south, thebeautiful beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, Wilsons Promontory and, last butcertainly not least, the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles.

Among thesetips, I will show you not only the best places to go and things to do, but alsothe best times of year, the kind of clothing to pack if it is an outdoorexperience, and I will point you to the right sources to find more detailedinformation.

Come with me ona journey of discovery to find the best that Melbourne has to offer!

  1. Bring Clothing For All Seasons

I cannot stressthis enough! Melbourne is affectionately known by locals as having ‘fourseasons in one day,’ every day. Even in winter, there are occasional warm days,and in the warmer months towards the end of the year, depending on where youare, you just might freeze. Summer temperatures can range from about 15° to well over 30°, while winter temperatures areusually between 6° and 15°. Autumn and spring have very similar averagetemperatures, but while autumn has the most stable weather patterns and plentyof sunny days, spring weather is not particularly wedding-friendly – it canchange drastically on any given day.

Queensland, in contrast toVictoria, is sunny and warm year-round – winter temperatures rarely drop below20°. When I first moved, the changeability of Melbourne weather shocked me, andI felt entirely unprepared for the onslaught of winter. I had very few warmclothes, and it took me a while to adjust to a new pattern of dressing –layers! There was many a time I was caught out – in the city, at the beach, ona walk – by either rain or a sudden cool change.

So, unlike I was, be preparedand always pack at least a light jumper, even on a reasonably warm day!

     2.  Remember To Explore Outside The City

Don’t get mewrong – Melbourne City is beautiful. It has a stunning riverfront locale, andoffers plentiful good food and live music, but there is much more to seefurther afield which we will go on to explore, including beaches, mountains,small towns and national parks with stunning views. It may be worth obtaining ahire car to help you get around, as public transport options become limitedonce you reach the outer suburbs.

3.  Eat A Meal At Chin Chin Restaurant

With over 3,000Google reviews averaging well over 4 stars, this restaurant is a winner and adefinite must-do. Chin Chin is a Thai/fusion restaurant with a classy yetrelaxed feel and incredible food. Make sure you try the pork roll-ups!

4.  Visit The Penguin Parade

Eat deliciousfood while watching the smallest penguins in the world waddle up the beach atPhillip Island, approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD. If you can’t makeit that far, St Kilda Pier also offers a similar experience. Hold on to yourcamera straps!

5.  Experience The Melbourne Brunch

Brunch with thebest at The Kettle Black on Albert Road, Higher Ground on Little Bourke Streetor Three Bags Full, on Nicholson Street in Abbotsford. Make the most of thecoffee, smashed avocado and eggs benedict, as they are what Melbournians areproudest of! Just make sure you put aside some savings for a house before theyall drain away….

6.  Take A Trip to Brighton Beach

See the famousbrightly-coloured bathing houses on Brighton Beach. Take the Sandringham linetrain to Middle Brighton and either walk or catch an Uber for the short tripfrom there. It is the perfect location to grab some fish and chips and sit onthe beach, but remember not to feed the seagulls, no matter what they try totell you. Once there, make sure you get a picture with the iconic Australianflag bathing house!

7.  Explore The Graffiti Laneways

No Melbournetourist’s Instagram feed is complete without a few graffiti laneway pictures. Graffitiis one of Melbourne’s most iconic and recognizable art forms. For the beststreet art, try Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place. For more, a quickGoogle search will show you the closest ones to your location.

8.  Take A Tour Of The Old Melbourne Gaol

If you are one forconspiracy theories and creepy ghost stories, you will love taking a tour ofthe Old Melbourne Gaol. The Gaol was the site of the hanging of the famousbushranger Ned Kelly in 1880, a character now immortalized in film, legend andpopular culture. Try one of their various night tours, found on their websiteor a deal page such as Groupon. They also offer A Night in the Watch Housetours. Just make sure you are feeling brave!

9.  Visit The Immigration Museum

Just a shortwalk from the Flinders Street Station, the Immigration Museum offers a uniqueinsight into Melbourne’s multicultural past. The permanent exhibits feature storiesof settlement throughout the years, and the stone courtyard behind the museumlists the names of many early migrants. You may find your own ancestor on aplaque! Make sure you check the website for the latest temporary exhibits.

10. Try AFamous Melbourne Coffee

No visit toMelbourne is complete without the full coffee shop experience. For some of thebest inner-city options, try Patricia, on the corner of Little Bourke andLittle William Streets, Industry Beans, on Little Collins Street, and DukesCoffee Roasters on Flinders Lane. The coffee is so good here that a trip to theCBD will often be characterized by jitters from an excess of caffeine, so makesure you have something active planned to burn off all the energy!

11.   WarmUp A Winter Holiday With Mulled Wine

With adelicious hit of toasty warmth, spices and of course, alcohol, mulled wine willsoothe you right down to your toes. Try Riverland Bar in the CBD, Left Bank onSouthbank or The Hof Downtown in Docklands. This is the perfect soothing nightout for if you are traveling with friends or your significant other. Classy andthe perfect counter to those frosty southerly breezes.

12.  Shop ‘Til You Drop

For those wholove to shop, Melbourne is well-equipped with options to keep you busy allholiday long! Some of the best locations include Melbourne Central, Emporium,QV, Bourke Street Mall and Chadstone Shopping Centre. You can also book ashopping tour from an extensive list of options available via TripAdvisor orGroupon.

13.  Have A Unique Dining Experience In A LygonStreet Restaurant

Lygon Street isthe go-to place for a variety of cuisines at affordable prices. For deliciousItalian food, try Brunetti, La Guido La Pasta and Il Cantuccio. Heartattack andVine offers fresh European café food, and Ying Thai 2 and Thai City Restaurantare high rating Thai restaurants. For more standard pub food, try Green Man’sArms.

14.  Admire The Unique Architecture Of FederationSquare And Flinders Street Station

Once named the6th Best Public Square in the World, Fed Square offers a range ofevents, cafes and stunning architecture. Flinders Street Station, built in1854, is the oldest train station in Australia. Make sure you grab a photo infront of the famous façade!

15.  Shop For Trinkets To Take Home At QueenVictoria Market

What’s aholiday without souvenirs for your loved ones? Queen Victoria Markets are theplace to go to shop till you drop. Open every day but Monday, and with theWinter Night Market on Wednesday evening, these markets are a Melbourne icon.The markets also offer fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables, meat,fish and cheeses, as well as food stalls where you can purchase snacks, mealsand drinks.

16.  Stroll Through The Fitzroy And CarltonGardens

The FitzroyGardens are a beautiful 64-acre park located in East Melbourne. Featuring a Conservatorybuilding, the historical Cooks Cottage, an Elm-lined path and much more, theyare the ideal afternoon walking destination. Carlton Gardens, located inCarlton and sharing land with the Melbourne Museum and Royal ExhibitionBuilding, also offers a variety of fountains and lakes to relax beside.

17.  Wander The Melbourne Museum

The MelbourneMuseum is an unusual and informative museum with a variety of permanent andtemporary exhibits. Obtain an insight into Melbourne’s past, medical researchhistory or Aboriginal culture. Concession tickets and children under 16 obtainfree entry, so if you are on a study tour or exchange, it is a fantastic cheapouting. Check the website for ticket prices and what’s on.

18.  Experience The Wonder of A Melbourne WhiteNight Festival

On at least oneAugust night each year, some of Melbourne’s biggest landmarks are lit up in aspectacular lighting display known as the White Night Festival. In addition tothe displays, the festival also features winter food stalls and live music.Check the website for more details and dates.

19.  Cruise The Yarra River

A Yarra cruiseoffers a stunning view of the city and a classic maritime atmosphere not to bemissed. Try Groupon for a wide range of affordable options, including romanticevening cruises and daytime cruises suitable for the whole family or friendgroup. Once again – stay prepared and bring a variety of layers, as the weathercan change at any moment!

20.  Go Art-Gallery Hopping

Melbourne wasonce the home of the famous Heidelberg School artists, including FrederickMcCubbin, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton. As a result, Melbourne prides itselfon its world-class art galleries and various pockets of artistic flair. Somespecific options (and favourites of mine) are the Heide Museum of Modern Art inHeidelberg, Montsalvat in Eltham and the TarraWarra Museum of Art inHealesville. For a broader, more one-stop-shop experience, visit the NationalGallery of Victoria (NGV) in the CBD. This last option offers free entry forthe general exhibits, but prices will range for special exhibits.

21.  Ride To The Top Of The Eureka Skydeck

Get a birds-eyeview of Melbourne CBD through the 360-degree glass walls of the Eureka Skydeck.Bear in mind this is not for those with a fear of heights! The attractionboasts the fastest lift in the Southern Hemisphere, and at 285 metres,depending on who you are, the experience will either invigorate you or send yourushing back to the ground floor. There is also a kiosk onsite for small mealsand drinks. Tickets and various packages are available online.

22.  Enjoy World-Class Live Music

Melbourne isconsidered on par with Berlin for live music. Forum Melbourne, Espy, PalaisTheatre, The Tote and The Toff In Town are some of your best venues to hearquality acts from both Melbourne and abroad. For fans of jazz, there is alsothe Melbourne International Jazz Festival and the more casual, community-basedEltham Jazz Festival in the northeastern suburb of Eltham.

23.  Wander Through The University Of Melbourne

Opened in 1855,The University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus is sprawling and leafy, withcobbled paths and sandstone buildings dating back to its 19thcentury origins. It was also ranked in 2018 by Times Higher Education asthe 32nd best university in the world academically and boastsseveral world-class graduate schools. This beautiful campus is located just ashort walk from the Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building.

24.  Visit The Shrine Of Remembrance And BotanicalGardens

The RoyalBotanical Gardens at South Bank offer a stunning, flora-lined walk next to theYarra River. There are plenty of spots to bring a picnic and camp out on thegrass, and, for the green thumbs, the gardens provide a striking array of plantlife.

Also worth avisit is the Shrine of Remembrance, which can be found just beside the gardens.It was constructed following World War I, and the style is inspired by both theTomb of Mausolus at Halicarnassus and the Parthenon in Athens. It is a solemnreminder of war, yet its commemorative features, including an eternal flame,give a sense of connection to those who have fought for Australia’s freedom.

25.  Enjoy A Free Orchestral Performance In The SidneyMyer Music Bowl

In the firstfew months of each year, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra provides three freeoutdoor concerts in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, located within the BotanicalGardens. It is a favourite event which my husband and I attend at least once ayear. Bring friends, a picnic rug, warm clothing and wet weather gear – nomatter what time of year, rain is a staple! – and enjoy beautiful classicalmusic. And food. How could I forget the food? There are also a variety of foodtrucks offering main meals, desserts and warming hot drinks.

26.  Catch A Live Theatre Performance

Melbourne isrenowned for not just its music, but also its wide range of quality theatricalperformances. Be sure to check what is on before you arrive via the VisitMelbourne website. Primary venues are the Arts Centre, Melbourne TheatreCompany at Southbank, the Malthouse Theatre and Arts House.

27.  See The Community Garden Projects

Communitygarden projects are a thoughtful not-for-profit venture which Melbourneresidents have taken on in order to provide for those in need. Organisationssuch as Fareshare, as well as the Victorian government and local governmentshave created a string of gardens which are tended by locals and volunteers.This provides a way to build community relationships, cater to the lessfortunate and foster awareness of the environment. Accessible examples of thisare Veg Out in St Kilda, Fareshare Kitchen Garden in Abbotsford and Pop UpPatch in Federation Square.

28.  See A Cricket Match Or AFL Game At The MCG

Melbournitesare crazy about their AFL (Australian Football League), and if you stickaround, it won’t be long before someone asks you who your team is. The MCG isthe equivalent of church for many fanatical Victorians. Get ahead of the gameby attending a match yourself but do some reading or ask some other fans toexplain the rules, as it isn’t as simple as it may appear! I’ll be honest, eventhough I’ve had it explained to me a couple of times, I’m still lost.

29.  Feel A Rush of Adrenalin At Luna Park

Luna Park in StKilda is a theme park for all ages. Open on weekends, public holidays (exceptChristmas Day) and school holidays, it offers a chance to leave the busy,professional city environment and have some well-deserved fun! It features avariety of attractions including the Speedy Beetle, Power Surge and, for themore adventurous, the Great Scenic Railway, a railway-themed rollercoaster.

30.  Experience A City Oasis At The Melbourne Zoo

The MelbourneZoo in Parkville is just a stone’s throw from The University of Melbourne, TheRoyal Melbourne Hospital and Central Station, yet it feels like an isolatedworld of its own. For example, the elephant enclosure has been given a SouthEast Asian flavour – one expects to turn the corner and be standing in a ricepaddy. The primate section also has a definite jungle feel. Some of myhighlights include the meerkats, the lemur enclosure (where you can wanderamong the animals), the reptile house and the climate-controlled butterflyhouse.

31.  Indulge Your Reading Habit At The StateLibrary

For the historyand literature buffs, the State Library of Victoria is the place to be. Itsstunning architectural design, range of books and exhibits will keep youfascinated for hours. For those less bookish travelling companions, itsproximity to the shopping meccas of Melbourne Central and QV make it the idealcompromise.

32.  Explore The Many Walking Tracks In The DandenongRanges

The DandenongRanges are a beautiful, temperate rainforest just an hour’s drive fromMelbourne CBD. They can also be accessed via the Belgrave line from CentralStation in approximately 2 hours. On a clear day, Bring a picnic to take to OneTree Hill, Burkes Lookout or Fern Tree Gully Picnic Ground, or my favourite –Hamer Arboretum, or strap on your walking shoes to experience Sherbrooke orOlinda Falls.

33.  Ride The Puffing Billy Steam Train

A remarkablefeature of the Dandenong Ranges is Puffing Billy – an antique steam train whichruns daily from Belgrave to Gembrook. Observe the forest from the quaintopen-air carriages, and be sure, as usual, to pack warm clothes and wet weathergear as well as a hat. Check the website for tickets and more details. Take apicnic lunch and enjoy the ride!

34.  Have A Literary Lunch At Miss Marple’s TeaRoom

Anotherwonderful, quaint feature of the Dandenong Ranges is Miss Marple’s Tea Room. Locatedin Sassafras, it is constructed to echo the style of the famous Agatha Christiecharacter, Miss Marple. All the food is memorable, but the Quiche Lorraine is amust try. Bookings are essential, and the phone number can be found on theirwebsite.

35.  Marvel At The Artistic Genius Of WilliamRicketts

The WilliamRicketts Sanctuary, located on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, is a tribute toan eccentric artist with an admirable passion for conserving the Aboriginalheritage of central Australia, a place he knew and loved well. Over 90 of hisbeautiful sculptures are preserved in the sanctuary, along with his cottage,where you can find a video offering more information about the artist’s life.The full circuit is approximately 500m, making it the perfect option for alow-energy walk!

36.  Wander The Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

Now, this is areal winner. Once known as the National Rhododendron Gardens, the DandenongRanges Botanic Garden are a sprawling, breathtaking vista of floral paradise atevery turn. Most spectacular during spring and autumn, but still a winner allyear round, the gardens offer an impressive array of rhododendrons, daffodils,proteas and blooms of many other varieties. There is also a cafe onsite whichis open on weekends.

37.  Experience The Famous Pie Floater At Pie InThe Sky

Get a taste ofSouth Australia in Melbourne! A pie floater is an Adelaide special – a meat piesubmerged in soup. Whether that sounds delicious or revolting to you, you won’tknow unless you try it. Pie in the Sky has won an impressive swag of awards fortheir pie-and-pea-soup combination, and it doesn’t disappoint. My personalfavourite is the Beef Burgundy – slow-cooked red wine perfection!

38.  Get Up Close And Personal With AustralianWildlife At Healesville Sanctuary

About 1 hourand 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, in the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley, isthe Healesville Sanctuary. This is a must-see for tourists who want toexperience as much as they can of Australia on a trip to Melbourne. Seekangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, koalas and snakes, and for an extra fee you canspend 10 minutes getting a ‘Close-up’ with your animal of choice. Be sure tocheck the website for current details.

39.  Travel The Great Ocean Road

Driving alongthe clifftop bends of the Great Ocean Road is truly an unforgettableexperience. I have visited the Great Ocean Road twice now, and I still findLoch Ard Gorge one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. You willneed a hire car or tour bus to explore as the road begins in Torquay, 1 hourand 20 minutes southwest of Melbourne city, and the full stretch extends for243 kms. Must-sees are: Bells Beach, the famous surfing mecca, Lorne, theTwelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto and The Arch.

40.  Explore Otway National Park

Another greatfeature of the Great Ocean Road and one which deserves an entry all to itselfis Otway National Park. This is a great spot to explore during a campingholiday at Wye River or a stay in Apollo Bay, just a short distance away.Embark on a serious hiking quest along the Great Ocean Walk, a shortexploration of Maits Rest, a visit to the Cape Otway Lightstation or a dizzyingtreetop adventure at Otway Fly. Otway National Park is also known for somespectacular waterfalls, including Stevenson Falls, Phantom Falls and ErskineFalls. Check Parks Victoria for up-to-date information, or Airbnb foraccommodation, but be sure to book early, as it fills up fast!

41.  Get Lost At Hanging Rock

Relive thedrama of the famous Joan Lindsay book which later became the Peter Weir filmand most recently, the Foxtel series Picnic at Hanging Rock at the locationwhich inspired the story. Parking is $10, and you will want to get there earlyon weekends and public holidays as it fills fast! There is a kiosk andinformation centre where you can immerse yourself in the story before the shorthike up to the rock itself. Keep a close watch on children, as it issurprisingly easy to get lost among the crags (I may or may not know fromexperience!)

42.  Float In An Idyllic Location At Turpins Falls

Located just 30minutes from Hanging Rock, or 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD, Turpins Falls isthe ideal spot for an inland cool-off during Melbourne’s parched summers. Onsweltering December/January weekends, it is a sea of colourful flotationdevices as it is a popular escape for city-dwellers and tourists alike. Bringplenty of sunscreen, water and snacks, and, on a somber note, be careful of thecliffs as visitors have sadly fallen to their deaths in the area.

43.  Soak In The Warmth Of Peninsula Hot Springs

For a truerelaxation experience, one cannot go past the Peninsula Hot Springs at Rye, onthe Mornington Peninsula. Featuring over 50 varied bathing options includinghot and cold pools, a Turkish bath, massaging showers and a sauna, a day spenthere will leave you invigorated and refreshed. Check the website for ticketdetails, and bookings are essential. Make sure you plan for a good meal in Ryeafterward though – so much relaxing leaves you surprisingly starved, and Captainsof Rye Back Bar does a great burger and chips.

44.  Take A Winery Tour In The Yarra Valley

Yarra Valleywines are some of the most sought-after in the world. The Yarra Valley regionis dotted with numerous wineries offering tastings, gourmet food and a chanceto unwind. Some of the best wineries are Helen & Joey Estate, DomaineChandon and Rob Dolan Wines. For more details and options, check Groupon,TripAdvisor or Visit Yarra Valley.

45.  Go Camping in Wilsons Promontory NationalPark

Anotheressential visit if you have time to venture about 3 hours out of the city isWilsons Promontory National Park. It is a 505 km2 reserve with aseemingly endless amount of hikes, views, bays to swim in and last butcertainly not least, spots to relax. Tidal River Camping Ground is the most popularcamping spot and is located about 30 minutes beyond the entry to the nationalpark. It has several peaks and beachside tracks to explore, both powered andunpowered sites and extensive amenities. Campsite bookings are essential viaParks Victoria. Please note: weather conditions in Wilsons Promontory are oftenextreme and change rapidly. Bring sturdy camping gear and be ready to leavewhen conditions worsen. The local wombats are also very accustomed to humanfood and will go to unbelievable lengths to obtain any items that are left out,therefore all Eskys and other food containers must be kept in your car.

46.  Shop For Treasures At St Andrews CommunityMarket

Just 1 hourfrom the CBD, the St Andrews Community Market is a quaint, popular market whereyou can find fresh organic vegetables, homewares, knick knacks, live music anddelicious food and chai. The market is set in the dense bushland of St Andrews,a tiny township which comes alive every Saturday from 8am-2pm during markettime. Check Visit Yarra Valley for up-to-date information.

47.  Feel Like A Storybook Character At The CalifornianRedwood Forest

Entering theCalifornian Redwood Forest in Warburton, just over 1.5 hours west of the CBD,is an ethereal experience. The grove of over 1476 trees in perfect aligned rowsis eerily silent apart from the swaying and slight creaking of treetops, andthe rushing Cement Creek a few hundred metres beyond the forest. The forest isperfect as the romantic spot for a walk and photography session, or as a placefor little ones to run and play amongst the trees.

48.  Enjoy A Riverside Stroll In Warrandyte

     Built along the Yarra River,Warrandyte is one of the most prominent suburbs for tourists outside the city.About 45 minutes from the CBD, Warrandyte is a beautiful spot for a coffee anda stroll along the river. Grab a scrumptious pie or hot drink from The BakeryWarrandyte, explore the quaint little shops including Ratty & MolesRiverbank Antiques and Yarra Cottage Books, or just watch the world go by whiledangling your feet in the river.

     49.  Go Swimming Or Kayaking At Pound Bend

     Pound Bend, also in Warrandyte,is an iconic spot known for the 145 metre diversion tunnel built during the1870s to assist in the gold mining quest that gripped 19th centuryVictorians. The tunnel is still a main feature of the swimming spot, which alsohas a launch area for kayaks, as well as a toilet block and several picnicspots. Keep an eye on small children, as the rocks close to the tunnel’sentrance are quite sharp and slippery, and the current is strong in places.

     50.  Go Tobogganing At Mt Donna Buang

     Mt Donna Buang, just outsideWarburton, provides the closest access to snow during winter from MelbourneCBD. While Lake Mountain, past Marysville, is the closest place to go forskiing, Mt Donna Buang provides a tobogganing experience that is readilyaccessible as well as affordable. Accessing the 1250m peak and 21m tower isfree of charge, and toboggan hire costs range according to days of the week, butare not exorbitant. There are ample toilet facilities and a food van at thesummit during peak times. Check Visit Warburton for snow reports and otherdetails.

51.  Explore The Cathedral Ranges State Park

Located justover 2 hours northeast of the CBD, the Cathedral Ranges State Park are asharply jutting ridge of rock approximately 7 kms long, with stunning views anda variety of hikes to explore every outcrop. From Neds Gully Campground andPicnic area, you can take the Neds Gully Track up to Neds Saddle, which is acentral spot with tracks to Little Cathedral and Cathedral Peak. Further alongthe road, you will find Cooks Mill Campground, a great place for an overnightstay. For keen adventurers, rock climbing is also a popular activity here. Makesure you start early in the day, especially in the cooler months, as thebushland is dense, and darkness sets in quick due to the tall mountains. Formore relevant information, see the Parks Victoria website.

52. Take AHistorical Trip To Sovereign Hill

Ballarat,approximately 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD, is the site of the famous EurekaStockade (rebellion) of 1854. In November and December of that year, around 150gold prospectors formed the Ballarat Reform League, a group who sought freedomfrom the British-imposed laws surrounding prospecting. They constructed astockade from which they fought government troops on December 3. They lost thebattle, along with 22 members of their company, but the event prompted a seriesof reforms to mining policies.

You can getyour own taste of the gold rush at Sovereign Hill, a tourist centre featuring amuseum, gold mine tours, replica town and gold panning. Check the SovereignHill website for more details.

53. Wander TheRebuilt Town Of Marysville

After the devastatingBlack Saturday bushfires of 2009 swept the countryside of Marysville, there wasa concerted effort on the part of the tight-knit community to rebuild andcreate a viable local economy. They succeeded, and the town is a now abeautiful tourist centre which both pays homage to a tragic past and looksforward to a brighter future. As well as stunning walks and waterfalls nearby,there are a range of cafes, restaurants and gift stores to wander, as well asBruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden, a quirky artist’s haven of weird andwonderful sculptures. For more information, check TripAdvisor or MarysvilleTourism.

54. Fill UpWith Sweets At The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Located justoutside Healesville, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie is a chocolate lover’s dream.Ice cream, baked goods, gifts, and of course lots and lots of all kinds ofchocolate dwell here. This is a wildly popular attraction, so be aware thatweekends will be crowded and parking spots are scarce. I recommend going earlyor in the afternoon in order to get a more relaxed experience!

55. Take APaddle Steamer Ride In Echuca

Echuca, on theMurray River in Central Victoria, is a historical town famous for its antiquepaddle steamers. The perfect romantic outing, or an exciting experience foryoung children, paddle steamer rides are affordable, and there are a range ofoptions to choose from online. Check TripAdvisor for deals and information.  


Food and coffee:Melbourne food is mind-blowing! And the coffee has caffeine aficionados fromacross the globe singing its praises.

Variety: Melbourneand its surrounding features are a veritable feast of options – city,mountains, surf, forest and country.

Artistic Culture:Between music, art and theatre, Melbourne is an art-lover’s dream

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KirraleeNicolle is a writer and student who lives in Melbourne. She loves travellingand exploring new places.

Her favouritedestination so far was Kenya, where she visited in 2014 and fell in love withthe beauty, culture and people. Her ideal place to visit would be St Petersburg,Russia, her husband’s hometown.

She moved toMelbourne from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia at the beginning of2015 to study, however she fell in love, got married and settled in thesuburbs. Melbourne is now a place she feels a strong connection to as it has anabundance of hidden treasures and beautiful scenery.