Niagara Falls- Family of Four Trip - Waterpark, Rainforest Cafe, and Butterfly Conservatory

This week my family took a 1 night trip to Niagara Falls.  We had a great time and I want to share some tips with you in case you make the trip.  I will be honest about prices too.  We tried to get as much in as possible.  The trip went fast, I hear the laundry drying in the background as I write this, but we have memories and pictures that will last a long time. This trip happened in March 2019 but would be a great winter trip.


I did not include gas or tolls in this price. We drove from Mill Hall, PA to Niagra Falls in our Honda Civic.


We ate at McDonalds on the way for lunch which was about $20.

Hotel- Skyline Hotel

We stayed at the Skyline hotel.  The hotel included 4 waterpark passes which we used three times.  Once when we got there, once after dinner, and then the next morning.  You can get in 2-hours before the general public which is nice.

Parking is separate and breakfast at a restaurant that was only a 10-second walk outside.  (Perkins). We decided to get the Perkins breakfast passes because they were a good deal compared to the menu and we also tipped.

The hotel was ok.  The lobby is not too big.  The sheet was a little rough. My daughter found someone else kid shirt and an underwire from a bra. But it was fine to stay the night.  There were courtyards where the kids could play and there were lots of kids there.  Also, they had a movie one night.  We took a blanket from the room and watched in the courtyard with popcorn.  Get there early for the popcorn.

1 night, parking, and breakfast including waterpark tickets: $230.

Dinner- Rainforest Cafe

We walked 1 minute outside to the Rainforest Cafe.  We were all tired from the waterpark and enjoyed the rain and animals moving around.

We had fun walking around and waiting for our dinner.  The had a large fish and shark tanks there too.

Two adults dinners, 1 kid dinner, and a drink cost. $80.

Walk to See the Falls

That night we walked to see the falls.  This was free and we saw the ice and lights together which was beautiful.  This was a 5-minute walk down and we could have walked closer to the falls which would have taken 15 minutes to a half hour. Since it was cold and out girls were small we did not walk too far but we still saw the beautiful view.

Lunch- Souvenier City

We wanted to stop at a Tim Hortons, but you needed to pay for parking at the one we were interested in.  We stopped at this place on the way to the Butterfly Conservatory. They had some fried food, drink, and ice cream. We got a souvenier penny and some Canadian flags there too.

Food $30.

Butterfly Conservatory

The butterfly conservatory was beautiful. More butterflies than I thought there would be.  You could even see some hatching.  The room is warm, so dress accordingly. A great place to take pictures, enjoy the plants, and watch the butterflies.

Two adults: $28

Total Costs

$388 - About $100 a person for 4 people for 1 night and two full days.

How could we have spent less?  Went on a true weekday instead of staying a Friday night. The hotel had microwaves to use or we could have brought a crock pot.

We had a really great time.  We went to the waterpark three times.  This place also had a dry play area that the kids went on before getting wet.  Then it was easier to go down the dry slides.  This trip and itinerary was for a 3-year-old and 7-year-old.  So anyone from age 1-10 would enjoy this trip.

Written by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. Creator of the Greater Than a Tourist - 50 Travel Tips from a Local book series.