10 Tips for Going on a Cruise While Pregnant

My Experiences During our NCL Breakaway Cruise 15 weeks Pregnant

My husband and I love to cruise.  We just came back from our 12th cruise and I am 15 weeks pregnant.  Cruising while pregnant can be a fun way to deal with the morning sickness that may happen in the beginning of pregnancy.  We often travel to the Carribean.  I hope to share some tips from this cruise and hopefully it will help others who decide to cruise pregnant.  We enjoy spending time together with our friends and family.  Going on a cruise is an easy way for everyone to like something, including pregnant people.

We just came back from the NCL Breakaway and had an amazing time!  We cruised the week before Christmas.  We found a great deal and had exceptional service the entire vacation.  A nice break before becoming parents of two.

1. Drink Water Often

When on a vacation you may forget to drink water.  On a cruise there is water at every bar and buffet.  Also they keep your water glass full at meals.  But make sure you remember water on the day you get there, the day you leave, and the days at port. Bringing a water bottle is helpful.  You just need to make sure the water bottle is empty when you get on the ship so they know you are not not smuggling in any alcohol.

2. Know Where the Bathrooms are Located

On the ship there are many public bathrooms.  Plan trips when you are on land around places where you can go the bathroom.  At 15 weeks pregnant I had to go the bathroom every 45 minutes.  When I was at home before vacation I did not even think about how often I was going.  But once I was on the ship, I had to use the public restrooms often.  I could not do certain excursions that required a 2 hour drive before a bathroom.  But we found fun things to do that had bathrooms around.

3. Ask You Doctor What You Can and Can't Do

There are many things to do on cruises.  I am not a medical doctor to please ask yours before going.  Can you go in hot tubs? Can you do a ropes course? Jet ski? Water slide? One thing I know you can't do it drink.  There is many opportunities to drink but there is also fruity drinks without alcohol.

4. Get Medical Information From Your Doctor

At my last doctors appointment before I left I asked my doctor for my medical information.  Sometimes you need to send this into the cruise before leaving on cruise day.  This included things like blood type, and past history that would be helpful incase something happens when you are away.

5. Check The Cruise Line to See if You Can Sail

Different cruise lines allow pregnant during certain weeks.  Each cruise line is different.  Check before you book.  If you are trying to get pregnant and are thinking of booking a cruise that is months in advance make sure you can still cruise if you get lucky and get pregnant.

6. Buy a Bathing Suit that Fits

Did you know that some people find a pregnant belly as being naked in public?  I didn't.  The bathing suit that I brought with me was a little too snug by the time I wore the suit.  My new pregnant breasts were too big and my belly was too big too.  I was uncomfortable.  You should be relaxed on your vacation.  Bring a bathing suit you can fell comfortable in public in.  Your pregnant body is a beautiful thing.

7. Eat What You Can

Cruise ships have a wide selection of fruit available.  I enjoyed all the watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew I could get my hands on.  My mouth did not do very well with a large amount of pineapple so I stayed away from that.  When I needed some bread in my stomach they had that.  When the smells started to bother me I just ordered room service.

8. Try On Your Clothes While Packing

Many of the clothes I brought with me on vacation were summer clothes while I was wearing my winter clothes during my pregnancy.  Try on your clothes before you leave so you don't bring clothes that do not fit right during your vacation. Here is one of the Greater Than a Tourist packing lists.  

9. Enjoy Staying Busy or do Nothing

Yoga and a massage may feel great during a cruise.  You may also may just want to sit around, eat, enjoy the people and scenery, and do nothing.  During a cruise you can choose.

10. To Nap or Not to Nap

Since I was just getting over my first very nauseous trimester, I was tired often.  Sometimes I would nap during the day so I had energy for dinner and a show.  A cruise gives you this option.

*NCL did not pay for our cruise.  They did give us a few upgrades such as chocolate-covered cherries, an upgraded dinner, and a bottle of wine that I could not drink because I am pregnant.  But my husband and friends loved the gift. 

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