7 Things You May Forget When Traveling On An Airplane

These are some packing tips that may sometimes get overlooked when traveling on an airplane. 

1. Carry on

Decide if you are going to take all of your luggage with you on the plane or not. If you are not remember that liquids need to be kept in a separate bag.

2. Medicine

You may need something for a headache, allergies or sleeping pills. When traveling to different places you never know how your body will react.

3. Umbrella

It is a good idea to pack an umbrella on the outside of your luggage. This way whatever climate that you arrive you will be dry. You never know what type of weather situation you will get yourself into. The (airport worker) will even think you are smarter for doing this).

4. Extra travel bag with all amenities

If you travel a lot it is a good idea to create a travel bag. This is a bag that you do not unpack, that has all your travel needs in it. This can include shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth brush and toothpaste, brush, floss ect.

5. Pack in a plastic

Before flight or layovers your luggage may be on the run way for a long time.During this time it may be uncovered during the rain. This may cause your items to, you guessed it, be all wet when you receive it. A good idea is to pack your luggage in a trash bag in the bad. This will keep your clothes dry for when you get to your destination.

6. Exact change envelope

Keep exact change in an envelope so you will not spend it. Then if there are any tolls which need exact change you will be ready.

7. Winter Jacket

Remember not to pack your winter jacket if you are going to a cold place in case your luggage gets lost.

8. Add Dryer Sheets

Pack a couple dryer sheets in your luggage. This way when the TSA's open you bag it will smell fresh. Also when you pack your dirty clothes they do not smell as bad.



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