6 Really Helpful Travel Tips from a Experienced Traveler

1.Put Out The Do Not Disturb Sign Even When You Are Out of The Room

When you leave your hotel room and you do not want people to know you left, you can put up your do not disturb sign.

2. Back Your Bathroom Stuff in Something That You Can Hang For More Counter Space At Your Destination

For Christmas I got this great bathroom organizer for traveling from LL Bean. I think it is great to travel with for planes as well as weekend trips.  I have the medium size one.  These are great for cramped cruise cabins or rooms you are sharing with friends and family. Each member of the family can have one.

I have been in a cruise ship room with my parents and sister and those bathrooms are tiny!

3.  Keep Luggage Off The Bed

Good Night. Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. They are real!!  Tip: Do not put your luggage on your bed. It may contain bed bugs from traveling.  You may also look at the mattress seams and mattress tag for bed bugs.

4. Choose Your Seat Wisely On A Plane Weeks Before Your Flight.  Upgrade If You Can When You Get to the Airport

Seat Guru- This is a great site for looking for seats in a plane. It may look like there is a better seat in the front, but there may be reasons why no one has taken it yet.  For example there may be a storage area under the seat.  I LOVE this site for picking a seat because every plane is different and someone else has already done the work for you.

5.  Not Sure When to Book a Flight?  Yapta

Tag flights from your favorite airline sites and Yapta will email you when prices drop.When the price drops below what you paid, Yapta helps you get a voucher or refund from the airline! http://www.yapta.com

6. If Using a Blanket On An Airplane Click Seat Belt on the Outside

When wearing a blanket on a plane, remember to buckle your seat belt on the outside of the blanket. This way the flight attendants know your seat belt is buckled and do not have to wake you up.