10 Things to Know to Enjoy an All-Inclusive Resort

I wrote this book while on my last vacation.  I will share some of the tips with you here.  I hope you enjoy the book.  Going on vacation is a blessing.  An all inclusive resort may be the next vacation for you!
While you may think an all-inclusive is “All-Inclusive” you
may need to think again.  If you are
planning on trying a new vacation or interested in finding a new resort, this
list may be helpful to make your decision.
Each all-inclusive is not created equal.

I have been have been a guest to 2 all-inclusive resorts, many hotels, and 10 cruises.  I love to vacation.  The 19 countries including:   United States, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman,
Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, England, Ireland, Spain, Egypt,
Turkey, Greece, Malta, Italy, Vatican City, and Republic of Krabati a small
island off of Hawaii.

I love to view other cultures, includes the people who are on a similar vacation with me.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family in a different environment.  The place is not always important but it is the people you get to share your experiences with.  

1. Distance from Airport

After I get off the plane I cannot wait to get to the beach! I prefer about a 20 to 30 minute distance to the hotel by bus. When we book an all-inclusive resort they usually include airport transfers in the price. Do not book too close to the airport or you may hear planes all day and night.

2. Check the Times Things Open and Close

At some resorts the pool closes at 7 and you can only swim in the ocean at certain times. If you would prefer a night swim find a place to accommodate you.

Breakfast may only be open until 10. If you were up the night before and don’t make it you may only get some snacks. Dinner may only be served at 6:00 PM, 7:30 PM, and 9:00PM. Choose a time that may work for you.

3. Internet

Do you need the internet for work, schoolwork, or pleasure? I wanted to Skype with my daughter on a recent vacation. While they said there was internet in the lobby, they did not mention that the connection was not good enough for Skype. There is internet in the room but you need to pay extra for the connection. If you read your books by kindle, you may want to update your books by internet or 3 or 4G networks.

4. Dress Code

Most restaurants have a dress code. Some restaurants may require close toed shoes and long pants for Men. If your husband would prefer to wear shorts and flip flops the entire vacation than another place may be better for you.

5. Water Temperature

Check to see the average water temperature for the ocean during the time you would like to go on vacation. Check to see the average pool temperature at the all-inclusive resort. The last all-inclusive resort we went to did not have hot tubs. They were the same temperature as the pool.

6. Good Sun Glasses

To keep from getting headaches wear good sunglasses that are polarized. You may also want to bring a hat to block the sun from the top of your eyes. Choose a hat that packs nicely. Bring sun tan lotion too. They say you should apply a shot glass of lotion about every two hours for full effectiveness.

7. Bring Pool Toys

To keep the kids and adults busy bring your own pool rafts. These can pack flat. They can be used for the pool and ocean.

8. Drinking the Water and Cups

In some places you may not want to drink the water. Make sure you drink from water bottles. Also be aware the ice could be from tap water. Use bottles water to brush your teeth too.

The cups at the R may be small. If you want a large drink bring your own cup. The cup may also be useful in the airport to drink water from after you get through security.

9. Bring Friends and Family

Why go alone? Bring your friends and family along with you. My husband will first make a spreadsheet of the place including when, where, and the cost of each part of the trip. Completing this a couple months in advance can help others decide if they have the vacation time and the monetary funds to go on the exciting journey with you.

10. Read Reviews Online

Read what other people say about the all-inclusive resort. Keep in mind that even bad comments can be learned from for future visits. Not everyone is going to feel the same way about the resort that you will. Resorts sometimes pay people and companies to leave good reviews.